How can I protect my designs?
My gallery asked if I would share a discount. What shall I do?

Have you been asked to offer a discount for the holidays?

Have you been asked to offer a discount for the holidays?

Has your gallery asked you to participate in a discount?

What is happening here?
Discounts say that the work wasn't worth the retail price in the first place.
Is that the message you want to send?
Discounts erode the market!
Our prices are not inflated, most artists don't even earn what a plumber or waitress earns. The prices for our work represents many hours of hard work, in addition to artistic vision and technical skill. The prices are not inflated with executive salaries, luxury offices, retirement funds, etc.

Artists AND galleries need to support their retail prices. Its better for the entire community.

Do we want a flea market mentality in our galleries? Does Apple discount its products?

JUST SAY "NO"! The gallery should sell the attractive and amazing elements and details of the work, not how cheap it is.

If you aren't sure why or how to do this, read the Professional Guidelines document about Discounts which can be found at:

Open your eyes to the real impact of discounts. Read this document
Harriete Estel Berman