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Seeking International Exposure

Dear ASK Harriete,

My name is Georgina Heskin and  I am a leading talented visual artist in London, UK. l have had over 37 solo exhibitions 24 group shows. l am looking for advice to place my work on an international level. To view my work, log in the name Georgina Heskin to any search engine on the internet.


Seeking international exposure,

Dear Seeking,

It seems to me that exhibiting your work on an international level adds a layer of complexity and expense that may be a premature leap at this point.

I say this because shipping artwork is very expensive and challenging when crossing national borders. Besides that, the market for your work is not going to be any stronger outside your city, county, or country where you already may have a reputation. Your name as an artist goes a long way to making your work more marketable or attractive to an exhibition venue.Heskin_3_b

Travel to the cities or countries where you would like to exhibit your work. Look for galleries or non-profit exhibition space that is appropriate to your work.

Network Go to more conferences, art fairs, etc., to network and meet people. You might also consider entering your work in an international juried show appropriate to your art.

Contact your Government Consider contacting your local or national government. The U.S. government sponsors a fabulous Art in Embassies program placing artwork by American artists in their embassies worldwide. (Maybe other countries have one as well.) While you receive no compensation for allowing your artwork to travel the world, what could be greater exposure for your work? In addition, the Arts in Embassies Program takes care of all the expenses for shipping, insurance, and installation. Your artwork speaks to the world about cultural exchange and understanding. I have had the opportunity for my work to travel to Africa with the U.S. Art in Embassies Program which was a great honor and a very positive experience. Maybe your government might be sponsoring shows and exhibitions in other countries (England and Ireland seem to be very proactive for their artists). Research opportunities for you to submit your work for review to participate in these international opportunities representing your country.

Join Art Organizations Join your local art guild and organizations. What if arts organizations that you belong to put together an exhibition either curated or juried? You could be instrumental in helping put together this show. This would be a lot of work, but it would increase your professional profile, give you tons of valuable exhibition experience behind the scenes and you could meet and work with lots of other artists. The premise would be to find exhibition opportunities for the whole show both locally, nationally, and internationally. Most museums or exhibition spaces are much more likely to be interested in a group show with an interesting theme or premise showcasing many artists with diverse perspectives than the work of one particular artist. This approach will help both you and your fellow artists find exhibition opportunities.

Internet The internet is very useful because it has no international borders and you can develop your reputation with a  modest financial expenditure. Why not design a beautiful or interesting website for your work. Have you considered starting a blog and/or a newsletter?  All of these ideas will help establish your work on the web.

In addition, post images of your work on the numerous internet sites showcasing artwork, many are free! The art organizations that you belong to should also show images of members' work  Find as many different sites as you can to get your work on the internet.

Finally, work on your mailing list. Volunteer at your local art museum, non-profit, or guild. Participate at every level. Read the book: "I'd Rather Be In the Studio: An Artist's No-Excuse to Self-Promotion" by Alyson Stanfield. Alyson offers a whole book of suggestions for getting your artwork out of the studio and into the outside world.

Your local, national, and internet reputation is the foundation for your international future as an artist.

Wishing you lots of good luck, along with your hard work,


Harriete Estel Berman

*Painting by Georgina Heskin


This post was updated on December 17, 2021