Discounts at a museum trunk show? Who should absorb this expense, the artist or the museum?
Seeking International Exposure

To 2.0 or not to 2.0, that is the question.

The online world is still emerging and exciting and filled with innovative energy. It is also unfamiliar to many people or even a new discovery for some. 

The subsequent discussions about 2.0 were serendipitous and spontaneous. 

What is most surprising to me is that people on both sides of the conversation, “established” and “2.0 people”, felt attacked or judged. This is not conjectured on my part. They told me and I have to acknowledge the sincerity of their sentiments from both sides. The topic certainly initiated the fervent discussion.

Personally, I don't think anyone intended to offend others. If any offense was perceived, I hope that everyone will be a little more tolerant as the community tries to learn more about and perhaps eventually embrace these new channels. Many “established” people are still digesting these new ideas even though “2.0 people” are already quite comfortable with 2.0 and blogging.  For a lot of people in the audience, they were hearing about this for the FIRST TIME. They were a little shocked, taken aback, wondering where do they fit in. They are wondering …will the 2.0 Marketplace offer us a place to show AND SELL our work. How do I do this? Where do I even start?

Overall, we have much more to learn from each other. Deb Todd Wheeler showedFormation_of_qeese a flock of geese at the end of her lecture. She informed us that the birds actually take turns as the leader of the V-shaped formation. The one bird in front breaks the wind for the others, making it easier for all the other birds. From time to time, other birds take a turn to take the lead and buffer the wind. This is a very powerful metaphor for this discussion. Leadership, whether from the old guard, the avant-guard, or Etsy always takes a little extra risk and effort. The goal is to share the information to help the community.


This post was updated on December 17, 2021