Deciding your Return Policies for Retail Purchase
Example Return Policies for Retail Purchase

Return Policies at Open Studio Events.

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If you are hosting an Open Studio event is it likely that you anticipate retail purchases.
With this in mind, it is essential that you prepare a Return Policy BEFORE the Open Studio.

Read the previous blog titled: Deciding your Return Policies for Retail Purchase to find a list of possible issues that you may want to consider when writing your Return Policy.

Post your Return Policy in a visible location in the Studio. (If you do not post your  Return Policy it will be assumed that you have no restrictions on returns which is probably not the case.) I made the "sign" shown above for my studio. It is attractive and eye-catching.  I will post this right above my Return Policy print out (which I can change anytime.)

Your Return Policy sign should be at the location where you are most likely to make a transaction such as your sales counter, cash register, or packing area. It would be a good idea to post an additional sign in another visible location.

Posting your Return Policy sign prevents returns not consistent with the established return policy. In addition, informing the customers in advance might make them more comfortable knowing your Return Policy before they decide to purchase an item.

Take a photo of your Return Policy signs. Save the photos of your Return Policy in case you need to prove your Return Policy was posted.   You can also use these photos for handy reference next time you host an Open Studio. It will help you remember all the things you need to get ready.

Prepare your invoices in advance with your Return Policy on the invoice. This can either be on the invoice saved on your computer, (ready to fill out with the customer's name and the items purchased) or have a pre-printed invoice book ready. Print, stamp or use a sticker label of your Return Policy on the pre-printed Invoice book or sales receipt.

Do you have a way that you handle your Return Policy at Open Studio events that you would like to share with other artists and craftspeople? Please feel welcome to share your ideas in the comments.


This post was updated on January 9, 2022