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Top Ten Tips for Success for Artists and Craftspeople from Wayne Robbins

Recently, in the June 2008, The Crafts Report magazine woodcarver Wayne Robbins submitted his TOP TEN TIPS for Success for Artists and Crafts People. His suggested list included important suggestions that warrant repeating. It is definitely worth sharing with you. Do you have a tip for success that you would like to suggest?  Add it to the comments and I will get back to you. 


There are no guarantees for success when selling arts and crafts, but there are a few tips I've learned that have helped to sell my wood carvings: 72_3811_2

  • Select a style that is attractive and unique.
  • Research the subject and become the "resident expert" on your subject.
  • Don't cut corners
  • Show your passion and skill.
  • Network with others!
  • Don't sell yourself short. Never offer discounts.
  • Be visible in the community. Show, demonstrate, and teach.
  • Remember that everyone is a potential customer.
  • Keep impeccable records,
  • Stay relevant and evolve with the market.

Wayne Robbins
Wayne Robbins Woodcarving
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