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Dear Harriete,

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My husband and I are having a debate about publication/press listings on a CV/Resume. The question is this: If your work is in a group show that receives press coverage, but your name and/or piece isn't mentioned in the article, should you still list the article on your CV/resume? I'm not telling who's on which side of this debate, so please be honest, but there is a week's worth of dish duty wagered on your answer....

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Dear To List or Not To List, 
You should only list a review or publicity on your resume if your work is mentioned in the text or if a photograph of your work is published in the review or article.  If you were in the show, of course, you can still list the exhibition under the exhibition category on your resume.

Additional information on your resume about articles and reviews might be useful.  I often suggest that a listing of a review should include the author, publication, volume, date, and maybe even whether it included a photo.

Here is an example from my resume:

Cross Gans, Jennifer. (2006, Spring). Scents of Purpose: Artists Interpret the Spice Box. Metalsmith, 54. [text and photos]

Artists and craftspeople can increase their chances of being included in a review or article by sending amazing, dazzling, professional quality images to the exhibition sponsor two to three months before the exhibition opens. The sponsor may use your images in the article about the show, just because your images are FANTASTIC!!!

Digital images that you took yourself, probably won't be good enough. You need professional quality images taken by a professional photographer.  Set money aside and invest in top-notch photography of your work.  If there is no art or craft photographer in your area, consider the next town or state. SNAG has a list of photographers on their website which may be helpful.

Hope this information about resumes is helpful.


This post was updated for accuracy on December 15, 2021