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What do I include in a package of images for a publication?

To submit your artwork or craft work to a magazine, newspaper or any publication there are some really important considerations and components to include in your envelope.

The first consideration is to go on-line to see if the publication has any guidelines for submitting materials. Check the web site thoroughly because Submission Guidelines are sometimes buried deep since this is not commonly accessed information.

Follow their Submission Guidelines EXACTLY including the items they request and the size for the digital images. Many times they will actually dictate dimensions for the images (either in inches and/or pixels) and the DPI (dots per inch). Generally, print images are 300 dpi, but some publications are asking for a higher DPI to assure a superior print quality.

Unless they specify differently, include the following in the image package:

  • Cover Letter - stating briefly why your work is relevant to the publication.
  • Resume  - one or two pages
  • Artist Statement - one or two short paragraphs (short, entertaining and relevant to the publication AND your work). Pique their interest in your work with interesting content. 
  • Images of your work - burned on a CD
    • Send both jpg (for easy viewing) and
    • TIFF 300 dpi (or higher) for print quality
  • Image description sheet for each image suitable as a photo caption.
    • Title of work
    • Date of work
    • Brief description of materials
    • Dimensions (height x width x depth)
    • Photo Credit of the photographer
    • Possibly some information about the work
  • Page of thumbnail images and key information (a "Contact Sheet").

BermanContactSheetSAMPLE72 A contact sheet is rarely requested but I think that it adds a lot to your image package.

To the left is a sample Contact Sheet. Each image has a title for the image and a brief description next to it.

Creating this contact sheet of images is very easy in Photoshop.

STEP 1. Put all the images you are burning on the CD in one folder.
STEP 2. Open Photoshop.
STEP 3. CLICK on  FILE,  scroll down.
Step 6. Photoshop will ask you to BROWSE and select the folder where you have the images in your computer for the CONTACT SHEET.
Step 7. Click OK, Photoshop will automatically create the Contact Sheet.

It is a little more time consuming to have information next to all your images (as in the example).

Make sure that the titles for the images include your last name and the title of the work  (or at least part of the title).

Finally, put your materials in an interesting, eye-catching or colorful envelope with a beautifully, handwritten address. Your image package should look creative and professional.