Are Your Images Good Enough?
How do you stay motivated when trying to find a market for your work?

Are you wondering if your website is working for you?

Are you wondering if your website is working for you? Can a website provide more benefits?  Good questions!  Well, in 2009 Marla Johnson Norris from Aristotle Design spoke at the SNAG Professional Development Seminar.  The program was fantastic. For some people in the audience, they learned a lot about the role of a website in developing professional visibility and driving business. It has become even more important since then.   

The first hour was: Improving Website Performance & Design

In this highly informative and entertaining hour, Marla Johnson Norris shared tips on building new websites, modifying existing ones to better engage web visitors, and developing visibility in search engines.

The second hour was titled: Using Social Networking and Virtual Communities to Drive Business

Social networking and online communities were quickly becoming some of the most useful tools in the virtual marketplace. Marla Johnson Norris showed us how to cut through the clutter using these free venues to create buzz about your work. During this session, she covered a wide variety of networking opportunities that are readily and inexpensively available – from articles and blogs to consumer sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The Program was called "Revolutionary" Maximizing the Online Revolution: Websites and Beyond. 
Take time within your year to look at how other successful artists and makers use social media and their websites to create visibility and document their work for a larger audience. No longer are artists and makers limited by gatekeepers such as editors, curators, or galleries.  Create opportunities for yourself. Invest time and energy into your work and share it with the world wide web - www. 


This post was updated on December 20, 2021