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Are your images good enough?

Bridgette Martin on Crafthaus recently posted a blog with six tips about photographic images. This is such an important topic for all artists and makers in all media. She should know. Bridgette has established Crafthaus, an arts community social network on line and runs her own "bricks and mortar" gallery Luke and Eloy in Pittsburgh. She looks at images everyday.

Fabulous photographic images have always been important but with the circulation of images on the Internet, and the growing opportunities to have your work published in books and magazines great photographic images have become even more important.

That is why I decided to write a new Professional Guidelines document about Quality Photographic Images. This will be published soon. There is also a new topic KNOWING HOW TO WORK WITH DIGITAL IMAGES which is almost complete. The final topic of this three part series will be bad and good photographic examples with an explanation.

If anyone would like to submit their photos for public evaluation in this 3rd document please send them directly to me as 2" x 2", 300 dpi. Send the images to: bermaid [at] harriete-estel-berman [dot] info. As compensation for allowing me to use your images in this document, I am offering a private critique of the photo and the work if you are interested. This is optional but can be an opportunity to work toward success.

To be successful, all creative individuals need to strive for improvement and "deliberate practice" as described in the book TALENT IS OVERRATED by Geoff Colvin. Are you striving for improvement? Do you show your images to your Critique Group and ask for critique? Are you projecting your images to see if they still look good to a jury? A digital camera does not make you a photographer. Evaluate your images carefully as a key to success.