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Email annoucements - Are yours effective and professional?

Always include the CITY & STATE in an invitation to an event.

For twenty years,  I've noticed a chronic problem as people market their work on the Internet. They seem to forget that the Internet is a worldwide audience.  Here is one issue that is almost too obvious.

Invitations to an event should always include the CITY and STATE!

You would not believe how many email invitations never mention a city.  I am sure this must be happening everywhere. If your announcement is an invitation to an event, be sure to include this strategic information. 

As an example, in 2009 I was corresponding with a museum in Delaware County.  I had visions of the Chesapeake Bay and a short drive for people from Baltimore or Philadelphia.  Eventually, I realized that they were in Indiana!  Mental reset! 

In all Internet announcements for exhibitions, shows, lectures, Zoom, and more, don't forget to show the city, state or province, where the event is located.  Location and/or time zone is important.

Depending on how wide your email list extends, you might even ADD THE COUNTRY (e.g. Paris FRANCE versus Paris, Texas).  

Marketing on the Internet connects you to a global audience.  Be sure to provide all the relevant information to communicate with this audience effectively.


This post was updated on January 6, 2022.