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Always use BCC to send group emails

Using the Internet and email may require a whole new "etiquette book" to be written for good manners.  One the of worst offenses is an innocent, but much too frequent, mistake:
CC MISTAKE: Using "CC" to send email to a large group.

The CC address list reveals every email address to everyone else in the group.

Many people are (or should be) concerned that their email address may be picked up and spammed with emails they don't want.  Don't be the one who helps spread bad email practices.   

["CC" stands for Carbon Copy, an old typewriter method that used carbon paper to make copies while typing.  In an email, this is used to add a list of addresses to receive "copies" of the original email.]

Do NOT use the CC option when sending emails to a large group. 
Unfortunately, spammers and viruses have designed programs to secretly copy every visible email address and then propagate their undesirable junk.  If even one recipient has a virus, then everyone on your CC list will suffer.  Anything that makes it easier for viruses or spammers definitely falls into the category of bad email manners.

Another problem using the CC option is that some people use the REPLY ALL option, not realizing they are repeating the circulation of their email to the whole group again!  Please do not reply all. 

Good email manners!
Instead, address the email to yourself in the TO: box, then use the BCC: box to address all the emails.  With this method, every email address is concealed from the recipient except yours.  An added benefit is that it makes the email look a lot more personal. No one can tell whether you sent out the same email to 2 people or 200 people.

BCC: ["BCC" stands for Blind Carbon Copy referring to the fact that the addresses of all other recipients are not revealed.] 

It is also wise to send a test email to yourself before sending it to 20, 40, 60 people with spelling errors and formatting problems.  Your 2nd test could be to a small group of people such as your Critique Group or sister or brother for a review.  Make sure that the formatting is consistent in all popular email programs and servers.  After you have a report on the appearance from a number of different individuals with different computers, then go the full step with a mass email using the BCC option.


This post was updated on January 5, 2022.