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Get your own name on Facebook now!


Did you know that you can get your own name on Facebook?  Do it now! This is a fast and easy step for creating an identity and visibility for your artwork and your name.

For my original Facebook account, I was assigned some random number as my identity.  Now, my Facebook address is   http://www.facebook.com/harriete.estel.berman/   No longer am I an anonymous number.  Facebook is one of the LARGEST photo-sharing sites on the Internet. And it is free. It is also easy to keep your Facebook page completely professional. There are many choices regarding how you share your personal or professional information.  This is a very convenient way to introduce your art or craft to a wide audience.

C Harriete-Estel-Berman-Yellow-transhoose your "NAME" carefully.  If you have a common first or last name, use your middle initial or your middle name (like I did).  A second option would be to add a number, but I recommend that you try to make your name more unique with a middle name or middle family name rather than a number.  It just doesn't seem all that unique or memorable to be Adam.Evan523. Although, you can change the URL later, keep in mind that once it is changed the old link will no longer work. Pick a URL that will be happy with for a long time.

To find out how to get your own name on Facebook CLICK here. 

You never know who might be looking for you online; a customer, a curator, or an author doing research for an article.  Get online and increase the visibility of your art in every way you can.


This post was updated on January 9, 2022 to provide current links and updated images.