ACC Conference - A visit behind the scenes at the Minneapolis Museum of Art
ACC Conference: Richard Sennett - "The Craftsman in Society"

ACC Conference - the lectures begin.

The lectures for the 2009 ACC Conference begin today, Friday morning, Oct. 16.  Before reading any of my posts you should know that I can be very critical of lectures and presentations. 

A good lecture and presentation should show a cohesive structure to the content, with lots of images illustrating the key points and displayed in sync as the speaker addresses the topic.  The speaker should make relevant comments about a slide but not read from the slide or their paper.  There should be no (or very few) audible pauses (my biggest pet peeve) such as "uh", "and", "aah", and "umm." Audiblepause If my review of a lecture lists the number of audible pauses, then you can be very glad that you haven't come to this particular lecture.

I am also going to try to write a commentary about every lecture...during the conference. That may be very ambitious, so please bear with me if there are spelling errors or other mistakes.  I intend to go back and fix them later.

Each post will include BACKGROUND INFORMATION on the speaker or topic, if possible, and an attempt to answer three issues and a short summary.

  • What did I learn?
  • What questions were asked and answered?
  • Was lifestyle or livelihood covered as a topic?
  • Summary 

If the speaker has written a book or if a book about a related topic can be found, it will be in the right-hand column on the blog. Click on the book for more information.

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Looking forward to an informative and hopefully informative conference.  


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