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Should I link to my Etsy shop on my website? Part 1


Wind Pendant
Artist: Erica Miller

Dear Harriete,

I have been reading your blog and your posts and I was wondering if it is a good idea to have a link to my Etsy site on my website. My website has a shopping cart but I have sold only seven items on the website in two years and over 100 on Etsy in a year. My galleries also look at my website, so Etsy and the website and the gallery prices are all the same.  What do you think?

E27 Earrings
Artist: Erica Miller

Also, I just left Artful Home.  It was too expensive and I was with them for almost five years, waiting and waiting for my jewelry to take off.  It never did and the return rate was crazy high.  Two years ago I sold $2,000 with them at Xmas, but more than half was returned afterward!!!!  Who are they selling to?  I have sold high-end items on Etsy and not one has been returned.  -Erica


Nevelson Pin
Artist: Erica Miller

Erica, The simple answer is YES.  But I would like to go into some details, so I will discuss Marketing on Etsy in this post, and discuss Marketing on The Artful Home in a later post. 

Part 1. Marketing on Etsy.  Your first question was " it a good idea to have a link to my Etsy site on my website?

YES, by all means, link your Etsy shop on your website.  Linking is the most powerful aspect of the Internet and you want to give a potential buyer EVERY opportunity to find and purchase your work. Make sure that you include links on your website to the galleries that sell your work also. Perhaps you can dedicate one page on your website to all the galleries and online locations where prospective buyers can find your work. Include links to every location with complete contact information. Work with your galleries to promote your work.

Etsy is a very convenient marketplace for artists and craftspeople to sell their work.  You also did yourself a favor to show the same price on Etsy as in your gallery.  It is in your interest, and the gallery's, to standardize your prices and keep them the same at all locations, whether virtual or real.   From the buyer's perspective, a purchase from Etsy is no different than a purchase from any other gallery.  

Another point is to use the entire word "Etsy" in a link on your website such as "Find my jewelry on Etsy" with a hyperlink to your Etsy shop. Another option is to create one of the Etsy minis with thumbnail images including a selection of your work. (Both of these are shown here).  You could use one of their widgets, I've noticed the super shorthand Etsy "E" on some sites, but don't think that is as effective. Not all the people on your website will know what it means.  Clarity is important.

EricaMilleroriginal photoeTSY The primary difference between a gallery and Etsy is that online people are looking at only photos, not the actual work. This means your photos need to be fabulous!!!!!


Erica Miller necklaceeTSY
Betty Necklace
Artist: Erica Miller

Some additional issues.
I looked at your Etsy shop carefully and found this fabulous necklace, but your photo was very dark and murky(see above image.) This photo is not good enough to sell your marvelous work.  I adjusted the photo (below right) by first brightening the image in Photoshop, and then increasing the contrast.  It took 5 minutes at the most.  Which do you think is more effective?

If you're not yet proficient with Photoshop or any other photo editing software, it is important to learn.  Learning how to edit photos is like any other skill in your toolbox and a must in this digital age, especially if you want to market your work successfully.

While I was viewing your Etsy shop, I noticed a couple of other problems. The tags and descriptions for your photos were close to non-existent.  Search engines won't rank your work unless you tag your work thoroughly and accurately along with an excellent description and an informative descriptive title. Etsy has many useful tutorials for their sellers but here is a short explanation to help the search engines bring buyers to your site.

Learn to use every one of the fourteen tags available on Etsy.  Here is a sample list of tags that I might suggest for your work. Maybe you have other ideas.

  • jewelry,
  • necklace,
  • black,
  • ebony,
  • chunky,
  • erica,
  • miller,
  • your city,
  • your state,
  • precious,
  • wood,
  • beads,
  • sophisticated,

    For your description on Etsy, you need to list much more than "wood." Talk about the style of the necklace (reusing your tag words, if possible). Talk about your inspiration and anything else that might interest the buyer. Think about the search terms that a buyer would use to search for and find your work.   Etsy descriptions are usually in the first person, but this isn't a requirement.




Example photo of Necklace on model
Necklace by Christine Dhein
Recycled computer parts.

For a necklace like yours, it would be a great idea to show how it looks when a person wears it. Show the necklace on a model (only show the lips down to an inch or two below the necklace on a suitable garment). Read the recommendations about using a model in GUIDE TO PROFESSIONAL QUALITY IMAGES in the Professional Guidelines.




Example earring photo on model
Just in Time Earrings
Harriete Estel Berman
Recycled tin cans, clock hand

When I post my earrings on Etsy, I usually show them on a model also. Photographing jewelry on a model is an excellent way to indicate scale. So for your necklace, you could describe the size range of the beads, but showing the necklace on a model (or a mannequin) gives the potential buyer a visual means to judge the size.  (In a future post, I will tell ASK Harriete readers my secret for quick earrings photos like this so stay tuned.)  

So in summary,

  • Prices should be the same on Etsy and your galleries.
  • Always include a title, complete and accurate description, and meta tags on all the work you post online.
  • Make sure that your photos are the best possible images.

The next post on Thursday will discuss issues with The Artful Home.


This post was updated on December 28, 2021.