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Should I link to my Etsy shop on my web site?

Earrings from Mio Studio
Sterling Silver, Ebony
Artist: Erica Miller

Dear Harriete, I have been reading your blog and your posts and I was wondering if it is a good idea to have a link to my Etsy site on my website.  My website has a shopping cart but I have sold only seven items off the website in two years and over 100 on Etsy in a year.  My galleries also look at my website so Etsy and the website and the gallery prices are all the same.  What do you think? Thank you, Erica

Nevelson Pin from Mio Studio
Wood, Paint
Artist: Erica Miller

The answer is a definite "YES."  Links are one of the most powerful aspects of the Internet.  You want to give potential buyers every opportunity to find you.  Etsy is an easily convenient online marketing site that almost anyone can use.  So use it to your maximum advantage. In addition, links between your site and Etsy, back and forth increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more traffic the better. Search engines use traffic as one method to rank your site.

I took a look at your Etsy shop and website and have a few other comments.

On your website, I would recommend a simple sentence like Shop Online Now instead of an Etsy icon or widget EtsyE. These motifs (like an Etsy E) may not be recognizable to all viewers of your site or match the aesthetic design of your web site. 


There was another problem with using the Etsy EtsyE on your website. When the page opens, the Etsy "E" was below the edge of my screen, below the "fold" to use a newspaper nomenclature. I didn't even see the Etsy "E" the first time I looked on your site.

When I went to your Etsy site I also noticed that you are not using your full tags or writing complete descriptions on every image. This is very important for SEO. In fact, it is an absolute necessity. Tags and descriptions are how search engines find your work. If search engines can't find you, neither can your customers. You can find helpful information by searching for "SEO" on Etsy's Help Center. Here is a topic to get you started: Shop Improvement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


EricaMilleroriginal photoeTSY Erica Miller necklaceeTSY I also noticed a fabulous necklace in your Etsy shop (left image). I made some adjustments using PhotoShop (right image) by brightening the image and increasing the contrast. When selling your work online, your photos are the primary vehicle you have to sell your work and they are not doing their job unless they are fabulous photos. Learn to use PhotoShop or some other photo editing software.  It is an essential skill in this digital age and necessary for successful marketing.

Ebony, stainless steel,
Artist: Erica Miller

I also worked on the two photos below, the left image is from your Etsy site. The right image is brightened and I added a speck of contrast. Don't you think it looks better?

I learned Photoshop using (now LinkedIn Learning). It is so easy with their online video tutorials. In the past three years, I learned how to work on my website with Dreamweaver and Illustrator. The money I spent on my subscription has saved me tons of money and time. You can find tutorials online to help learn social networking like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. 

Hope this information is helpful. There will be no post on Thanksgiving...but wishing everyone a thankful holiday. 

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This post was updated on January 5, 2022.