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Adventures in Podcasting.

One of my goals over the quiet of the holidays was to teach myself how to podcast and add this podcast to my PowerPoint lectures on Slide Share. Hopefully, with this experience, I can learn to record presentations for the Professional Development Seminar (Download HoustonflyervL12.29.09) and other professional lessons for you.

Chocolate Obsession© 2005
Recycled tin cans, sterling silver,
plastic, aluminum foil, brass.
Artist:Harriete Estel Berman
Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

At this point, I can't get my Slide Share presentation to work with Typepad, but you can find all my Slide Share presentations here  or look at the bottom of this post for specific links.

If you aren't familiar with Slide  Share this is free Internet site where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations. I found it about two years ago. Uploading the presentation is a breeze...but the software doesn't keep your animations and fancy slide transitions, so keep your presentations in PowerPoint simple and straightforward. Anyone can do this. You can also upload Keynote if you have an Apple.

The next step, ADD A Podcast.  Learning how to Podcast was pretty simple. The free software called Audacity works just fine. It has more features than I even used so far. The only issue is that it is time consuming to get the voice perfected. Practice and practice, and practice. I am starting to catch on to this recording thing and be comfortable listening to my voice.  

Uploading your Podcast and synchronizing it to the images is very easy....again, it is just time consuming to get it perfect.

The problem: I always see my mistakes in either the images, or text after I upload the Podcast and sync the whole thing to the images. Aw..........shucks!!!!!

Well, I'm learning to podcast . . . and now sharing my new Slide Share presentations with you. You be the judge.  Let me know what you think and how to improve the next time.

So far, I have five short presentations with audio completed and would like to hear for your feedback before venturing deeper.

Obverse Obsession © 2005
Chocolate Pot constructed from post
consumer recycled tin cans, sterling
silver, plastic, aluminum foil, brass.
Artist: Harriete Estel Berman
Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

Pecha Kucha

Obverse Obsession Chocolate Pot

California Dream Teapot

Professional Guidelines Introduction

Professional Guidelines; Inventory Records: Documentation and Provenance

Thanks for listening.


If you want to learn more about Slide Share and Podcasting let me know.