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Add your Etsy"mini" to your Facebook?

Would you like to add your Etsy mini to your Facebook?

Here is an easy tutorial from Timothy Adams of Handmadeology. My Etsy "mini" is not happy on my blog, so I made a picture of it (below right)EtsyMINIbest

It can have one to five columns and rows...so that you can modify the size to fit in a particular profile or depending on how much space you want to dedicate. Normally, each image is a hot link to that item. You can see a full size functioning  Etsy mini on my Facebook page and my Crafthaus page.

An Etsy mini functions in multiple ways:

  • Introduces your work to a new audience.
  • Provides hot links to items on your Etsy page.
  • Creates more links between the Etsy mini and wherever you have it posted.

Black and White Drop Earrings by Harriete Estel Berman
  Black and White Drop Earrings © 2008
  Recycled tin cans.
  Artist: Harriete Estel Berman
  Available through my Etsy shop.

The more links the better. The Internet is all about links.  The number of links is one of the main ways that search engines like Google rank your site.  For even better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), links that come into your site from other popular sites with lots of traffic are best.

Create your Etsy mini today to drive more traffic to your shop.

My Etsy shop.