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Insurance for a trunk show at my house?

Is this (pick one) gallery, store, or craft show right for my work?

Recently, a couple of questions from readers have asked whether a certain gallery or craft show was a good fit for their work.  Here is a sample letter (below).  I took out the name of the gallery to avoid any potential embarrassment.

"Down at the Wetlands"  ©   2009
Artist: Kathleen Faulkner

Oil pastel,  23" x 24"

Have you heard of a gallery called (fill in the blank ____)? It is a downtown gallery that specializes in sculpture and paintings.  But who knows about places one has never seen or been to. I'd appreciate any information you could give me about it, and if you have even ever heard of it.  Thanks so much for your time.
Cheers, Kathleen

I've never heard of this "gallery" but after looking them up online, with just a quick view, it is not what could be called a Gallery with a big "G". It is a tourist store at best. Admittedly, I am biased towards galleries with a big "G", so don't let this stop you if your work is the appropriate media, subject matter, or price range for this venue.

If you still want to show your work at this venue, ask them for a few artists' names as recommendations or find some of the artists listed on their website and contact the artists for their opinions. (Facebook is really good for this sort of search.)

Ask the artists who show their work at this venue about their experience working with the store/gallery. Does this store/gallery really sell work? Do they pay on time? Do they offer discounts? (yuck)  Do they return work promptly when asked? Do they have a good contract? Make sure you ask the store or gallery for their contract BEFORE sending any work.

This same approach as described in the above two paragraphs will work for any store, gallery, Gallery, or craft show. The time you invest in your advanced research will be worth it.

As an additional resource on a related topic, there is also a series of articles written by Don Friedlich, Andy Cooperman, and myself about Submitting Work to Galleries and Retail Establishments.

Click on any of the four articles below to find the download:

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Hope that helps.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about insurance issues and galleries that don't pay on time.