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Multi-colored April Flower Brooch with Coke motif

Harriete Estel Berman April Flower Brooch in multiple layers, many petals, with Coca-Cola motif.
Harriete Estel Berman April Flower Pin with Coke motif really makes your day sparkle.

The last April Flower post in honor of Earth Day, this is one of my favorite flowers. It is a profusion of multi colored petals  and a strawberry red center. The 3 ½” diameter layers include contemporary Coke advertising red with white letter, Multi-colored green, blue, orange.  BACK: is a Vintage Cola-Cola with  red with white lettering, aqua, white with abstract star detail, but this flower will never get confused with the real thing . The last April Flower Brooch post in honor of Earth Day...but I have lots more and love making them. Maybe I will post a few more in the coming months.