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Business Advice on the Internet

These days there is so much advice on the Internet, I mean tons....some good, and some that seems a little ,,,well....shallow, self-serving, or half-baked.  Penetrating through this fog, there is one person who I recommend, Alyson Stanfield. I have followed her for years. Her professional experience at the museum level is well grounded, yet her very down to earth approach helps artists get their work out of the studio to develop promotional visibility and a market for their work.

STUDIObook I read her book, "I'd Rather Be in the Studio" which reveals practical ways to market your art or craft more effectively.  It is definitely worth reading.

Alyson Stanfield also has a free newsletter. This week she is offering a gift for the subscribers to her newsletter. The gift is some GREAT information about using SlideShare to promote your art and craft. (I know what it says because I wrote it!)

A super short summary on how to get started on SlideShare is included on Alyson Stanfield's ARTBIZblog. The SlideShare site is FREE at the basic level. This is a truly easy, inexpensive, and effective tool.  There is so much you can do with it.  As examples, links to two of my SlideShare presentations are itemized below (the links paste right into my blog or an email). I also use them in several locations on my web site.

Why not subscribe to Alyson Stanfield's free newsletter to receive tips for your art career development.  I read it regularly to perk up my outlook.  

If you sign up now, new subscribers get the step-by-step instructions (that I wrote) to make your first SlideShare presentation.


Here are two links to my presentations from SlideShare.  The first one is about my chocolate pot, Obverse Obsession.  The second one is a presentation from the Professional Development Seminar at the SNAG Conference in Houston.

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Van Houten Cocao Flower Brooch by Harriete Estel Berman constructed from post consumer recycled tin cans. Retail Price is Pin $485. See a preview of the Flower Brooch collection on Flickr.