Morning Heartburn with the I.R.S.
Surviving an I.R.S. audit - No change!

Inventory Records - "Untitled" is the worst title.

The title for your work is your first step in good record keeping.

All too often I see "untitled" for art and craft objects. I can't think of a worse title. This isn't merely a value judgment, it is an inventory records nightmare. How can accurate records be kept for "untitled" after more than a couple?  Should a potential buyer ask for Untitled or Untitled?  Too many with the same title.... or should I say "untitle".  

Take some words of wisdom from thirty years of making. . . titles help you keep track of all your work. Keep it practical and simple, if you prefer, but titles help you and your store, galleries, clients, and the I.R.S. identify and describe your work.

Today, while having my morning coffee at the local I.R.S. office, I will be thinking of you and your Inventory Records.  

This post was updated on January 21, 2022.


Coffee Φ: The Golden Ratio  
from The Imposter Series © 2004   Harriete Estel Berman
Coffeepot and cups constructed using recycled tin cans of IILLY coffee,
10k gold and aluminum rivets, stainless steel screws, plastic resin. Stacked espresso cups are permanently attached with a concealed brass rod going through the cups.

22” height   x   12” width at the handle and spout   x   6.25” depth 
Private Collection