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Craft Forward Symposium 2011 - Keeping Your Radar Up for Opportunities

Craft Forward Symposium 2011 - Helpful tips for Gallery Openings

The first preview for Craft Forward is a Wednesday night reception for the exhibition MANUFRACTURED.

Read tomorrow's post for more information about Craft Forward and MANUFRACTURED. I will be posting every day with updates and information.

The Game Board (above) will change for every day as I document the Craft Forward Symposium.

What is Craft Forward?

Roll the dice, advance your piece,
miss one turn, or 2 steps back?  

Stay tuned for daily posts to find out what the Craft Forward Symposium speakers have to say.  I will write one post a day until every lecture and discussion is covered.

 DiceHere are my helpful tips for art openings to get started on this game. Please add your own "tips" contributions in the comments.

HEB1.72gr 1) Make your own name tag.  Make it look like your work. Some openings forget to provide name tags. How can other people know who the artist is? Attendees want to talk with you!

2) Artists are the stars. Shine bright. Keep a pleasant face and be positive.

3) Stand near your work, if possible.  Ask people what they think. Ask them questions. Learn.

4) Engage people in conversation. Don't be shy or retiring. The first time you say "hello" may seem very difficult for an introvert like me (or you), but you never know who you will meet!

5) Meet the other artists.  Look for them and introduce yourself. It's amazing how you will see the same people two years and 3,000 miles later. Take my word for it!  Next time, it makes the art opening so much better.

6) Dress like an artist -- whether wild, wacky, fun-loving, or professional. People want to talk with you. You are part of the entertainment. Make it easy for people to find the artist. 

7) Stay for the entire opening! Arrive early and stay late. It shows respect for the exhibition curator or gallery owner and all the other artists. Plus, who knows who you might meet?

8)Bring your business cards or postcards. Give people something to take home to look at your website!

Do you have a favorite tip for art openings? Please share in the comments. Stay tuned for a post every day from Craft FORWARD.

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