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Your Facebook PROFILE Has New Options for Your Cover Photos

Harriete Estel Berman in the studio 2010 Three are several options for your Facebook profile that use the series of photos at the top of your profile page.

You can put one photo at the top of your page in the five images at the top. 

Another option below is:
One photo for both your profile picture and the five photos in a continuous series across the top.

Great idea, but it works much better if you think about the format and what will actually show up.  Some practice is required to make it look good with one large image on the side....and a few small photos to the right.


FacebookPROFILEmaker.faceUsing a large straight forward profile works really well, but there are other options that can be equally effective.  Sharp focus and great depth of field are essential  to make the images more interesting.

Here are examples of the three profile options with the demo images (from the studio) that I used when experimenting on my Facebook page. Once you figure it out, it is easy to try different images until you find a set that fits.

 Facebook picscatter PicScatter was also easy to use and my favorite. With the proper photo it could look really great. There is a little adjustment for the five side images.  I really like that you could flip the photo horizontally and make the image bigger or smaller.


Facebook fbanner Fbanner, the third option, allows you to add text to your images and change the color of the background if your image doesn't use up the entire space. It also offered stock images to use if you didn't have your own. However, I think most artists and makers would want to use their own protrait or images of their work.Fbanner was the least satisfying option of the three if you wanted to use your own images because it didn't include your main profile image.


Facebook-Harriete-estel-bermanDo you want one single photo for Facebook. The dimensions are 850px x 315px.  Read this post with a Guide to Image Sizes for Social Media with banner sizes for many popular social networks.

Give this a try.

Take a picture with this format in mind and experiment.  I used three different images from a recent photo shoot in the studio as my "tests", but after becoming more practiced, I got better at making each photo work in this format.

Give your art work and personality more visibility on your Facebook profile.

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