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Your Facebook PROFILE Has New Options for Your Cover Photos


There used to be several options for your Facebook profile that created a series of photos at the top of your profile page. The websites that did this multi-image banner for you don't exist anymore, but the idea is still good.

Just last week I made a multiple image banner for Facebook.  

Great idea, but it works much better if you think about the format and how it will look in advance. 

It took several tries to get the size and format to work. It is O.K. to make mistakes as long as you learn from your errors. The photo below was too square so it didn't fit and cropped the image awkwardly. 


Do you want one single photo for Facebook banner? 
The current dimensions that work best in 2022 are 820 px x 312 px.   This keeps changing as Facebook wants to look good on all devices including phones, tablets, and computers.

Give this a try.

Take pictures with this multi-image format in mind and experiment.  I used four different images from a recent photo shoot in the studio as my "tests", but after becoming more practiced, I got better at making each photo work in this format.

Give your artwork and personality more visibility on your Facebook profile.

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This post was updated on February 5, 2022.