Craft Forward Symposium 2011 - How Does Craft Shape Bodies? with Lauren Kalman and Allyson Mitchell
Craft Forward Symposium 2011 - Identity Craft by Bridget Cooks

Craft Forward Symposium 2011

CraftforwardBANNERemail Currently, I am writing a commentary about the lectures from the Craft Forward Symposium on ASK Harriete. This will continue until I cover every lecture.

Dollargr If you are looking for business advice, scroll down looking in the left column for a list of business topics.


Looking for the Professional Guidelines? Click here or look in the right column of ASK Harriete which provides links to my website for specific topics.

3 teacups by Harriete Estel Berman Are you interested in information about the Professional Development Seminar? Listen to last week's conversation with Andy Cooperman, Brigitte Martin, and myself on Jay Whaley Blog Talk Radio.

Another resource for information is my recent CraftCast interview with Alison Lee.


This post was updated on February 1, 2022.