A Smaller Conference Experience
HANDOUTS from the Professional Development Seminar include tons of information

A Plethora of Information at Your Finger Tips.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of information at the SNAG Conference.

ASKHarrietePINS72Today's post will share information already available online. Stay tuned for more information and blog posts about issues raised at the SNAG Conference, along with podcasts and PowerPoints from the actual conference content from the SNAG Professional Development Seminar.

Here are the links for today.

There was LIVE BLOGGING by Tara Brannigan of:
A Smaller Conference Experience lunch discussion with Glenn Adamson and Lola Brooks


The Professional Development Seminar. This includes three hours of programming and the lunch discussion.

Tarabrannigantype Tara asked me to tell you that she did her best to ensure the content was accurate, but her fingers were flying fast and furious. She was typing the entire time!!!!!!!  She says, "Some sections are paraphrased or perhaps lacking a bit of context, just due to the limitations on how fast I can actually type."

IF you have any questions about what was said, leave a comment on ASK Harriete. I will do my best to contact the speakers directly.

The Professional Guidelines on my website offers two documents that are also very helpful and related to this information:

Blogtalkradio A Blog Talk Radio interview with Niche Marketing speaker Emiko Oye and me, Harriete Estel Berman, can be found on Jay Whaley Blog Talk radio. (The very beginning is a little garbled for about a minute....keep listening.)

This post was updated on February 3, 2022.

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