RGB or CMYK, web or print? Get ready for the Professional Development Seminar!
A Smaller Conference Experience

The Professional Development Seminar is "GRRREAT!"



I've just finished organizing the Professional Development Seminar handouts and PowerPoints from our speakers. I get a sneak preview and they are "Grrrrrreat"!!!!!!!!

The handouts are available early for people who would like to print their copy before, during, or after the SNAG Conference. We are printing 500 copies, but expect our audience to be much larger!

The handouts are available online even if you aren't going to the Conference for those who would like to prepare for the live blogging during the Professional Development Seminar.

Tony-the-TigerFULL One of the handouts is a Step by Step Tutorial for Adding a Drop Shadow in PhotoShop. This handout, prepared by Christopher Conrad, has over 80 images showing how to create your own fabulous images.

Photographer Doug Yaple created a three-page handout, Guidelines, and Tips for Working with Photographers. This is just the frosting, with no flakes, and the beginning of the "Grrrrrreat" information that will be happening at the PDS.

Tony_the_tiger shouldershead-lg Photographer Rober Schreiber and our Niche Marketing speakers emiko oye, Hilary Pfeiffer, and Deb Stoner have prepared informative PowerPoints that are also a "Grrrrrreat" visual feast. I can't wait to hear what each one of the speakers has to say.

Suzanne Ramljak, the editor of Metalsmith Magazine, asked for more time for her lecture! Marthe Le Van from Lark Books will give us the inside scoop behind the scenes of art and craft book publishing.


P.S. I leave early Thursday. See you in Seattle, or stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook, ASK Harriete for updates.

Listen to Jay Whaley Blog Talk radio on Saturday from 3:00-3:15 for a live interview between me and Jay Whaley.

Funky revelation below:

Quilt dress1975
Here I am in 1975 kissing my Grandfather. He is wearing a classic 1975 leisure suit during a party for my sister. I will be wearing this same dress and earring (I can only find one) at the 2011 SNAG Conference 1970's party in Seattle. Imagine that. A sight not to be missed!

This post was updated on February 3, 2022.