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LIVE BLOGGING for the Professional Development Seminar in Seattle, WA

FOR OVER A YEAR Andy Cooperman, Brigitte Martin, and I (Harriete Estel Berman) have worked on planning for the
Professional Development Seminar...
and it is almost here!

This is scheduled for Saturday, May 28, 2011

We will cover two topics:
Niche Marketing

Photography in Flux with three photographers and two editors:

  • Christopher Conrad
  • Robert Schreiber
  • Doug Yaple
  • Marthe Le Van, Lark Books
  • Suzanne Ramljak, Metalsmith Magazine

ASKHarrietePINS72 The Professional Development Seminar is part of the SNAG Conference, but it is also open to the public.

This year we're trying something new with the Professional Development Seminar!

We know everyone can't all be there in person, so we're bringing the PDS to you! 

Tara Brannigan will be blogging live during the Professional Development Seminar with quotes, links, photos, and more on Twitter at:
Check it out and stay tuned as we kick off this year's PDS. 

In the next few days, I will be offering background and information about the upcoming  Professional Development Seminar.

Wait till you see the handouts! They are fantastic!

Wait till you see the PowerPoint presentations from our speakers. I am working on putting them together now! The information is fabulous.

Stay tuned for sneak previews!

 Did you miss the previous posts about photography. ASK Harriete worked through some of the challenging photography issues for artists and craftspeople? Scroll through the long list of posts. Quality photographic images are the #1 most important issue for artists and makers.

The PDS is sponsored byNEA logo the NEA and MJSA.

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