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Promoting YOUR art or craft with SlideShare - Take Your First Step

Promoting YOUR art or craft at ZERO COST with Professional Results

One of my favorite online tools for visibility is SlideShare.

What is SlideShare? SlideShare is a FREE site where you can upload PowerPoint Presentations.  You can add MP3 files to your presentation to have audio along with your visual presentation. SlideShare also works with Keynote. 

WebsiteCAdream My primary purpose was to create more visibility for my artwork and to provide additional content links for my website.  The SlideShare presentations can easily be embeded on social networking sites, your own web site, or blog posts. Here is just one sample of a SlideShare presentation (below).

California Dream Teapot
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An extra benefit is that many (and perhaps even
most) of the people watching my SlideShare presentations
are discovering my work from
SlideShare itself or some other social networking


Here is a link to my page of SlideShare PowerPoint presentations
. Go ahead and explore the SlideShare site.  You’ll see that SlideShare presentations cover a really wide spectrum of topics using a variety of approaches. There are some fantastic presentations that don't even use audio at all! How easy can it get!


A SlideShare Profile page is very easy to create and personalize. It is very similar to creating a Profile on any other social networking site.

SlideShareTAGS How to Build Tags for your presentations are just like any other social networking sites, but they offer a great visual.


I just uploaded a new SlideShare tutorial about How to Build a Better Drop Shadow by Christopher Conrad from the SNAG Professional Development Seminar 2011.

While working on more SlideShare presentations from the 2011 SNAG Professional Development Seminar, it reminded me of how effective this can be for your own work.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts from ASK Harriete and step by step tips for your own SlideSHare.

In the meantime, here are some dazzling statistics!

The SlideShare from the 2010 SNAG Professional Development Seminar at the Houston SNAG Conference has exceeded 5,800 views!  SlideSharePricing 

The “Not Just Another Pricing Lecture" PowerPoint presentation was uploaded to SlideShare initially. Then an audio recording was edited, uploaded and synchronized to the PowerPoint so that people can view and hear the exact same program as the Conference attendees!

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