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Jewelry on the Model - Skin, Skin, Skin

Marthe Le Van, Editor of Lark Books, says that the best background for jewelry is skin, skin, skin!!!! By this, she means that jewelry on the model produces a very effective photo.

21st Century Jewelry book includes jewelry by PeterHodgeboom
Spanish Collar by Peter Hoogeboom; Photo by Henni Van Beek

During Le Van's lecture for the Professional Development Seminar, she showed some of her favorite images with models from the new book, 21st Century Jewelry, The Best of the 500 Series. In this post on ASK Harriete, I have borrowed a few images from her PowerPoint and offer a preview to next Tuesday's post.

21st Century Jewelry book includes jewelry by Jesse Mathes
Rebato by Jesse Mathes; Photos by Michael Cavanagh & Kevin Montague

Next Tuesday, ASK Harriete will include the PowerPoint presentation with audio from the SNAG 2011 Professional Development Seminar. You can see Marthe Le Van's and Suzanne Ramljak's Powerpoint and hear the audio recording from the 2011 SNAG Conference.

Hear what both editors have to say about the best and worst photographic images. What makes a good cover shot? What is the future of print?

 21st Century Jewelry book includes jewelry by  Seainin Passi
Resin Droplet Neckpiece by Seainin Passi; Photo by Richard Boll

Marthe Le Van said that a book of photographs with page after page of standard photographic backgrounds would be really boring. The model shot brings jewelry to life and a more exciting book!

21st Century Jewelry book includes jewelry bykayo Saito
Floating Brooch by Kayo Saito;

When I first saw her lecture in May, I had not seen the book 21st Century JewelryNow sitting on my desk, this is the most beautiful jewelry book to date from Lark Books and a must for EVERYONE interested in contemporary jewelry.

21st Century Jewelry book The range of jewelry goes from traditional gold and diamonds to irreverent plastic, crotchet, and found materials. No matter your inclination or interest, you will find examples that will excite your passion for jewelry.

The embossed hardcover of the book focuses on the book as a precious object in itself.

Rebecca Hannon
Camino de Santiago by Rebecca Hannon

On occasion a model is the only way to show work effectively as in the body adornment by Rebecca Hannon (above photo).


"How to make a rabbit from a sock" to
"how to make a necklace from a frock"
Fran Allison © 2004-2005
Fabric, silver, steel cable, resin.
Photo Credit: Deborah Smith

However, nothing is more challenging than getting a great photo with the model. So much can go wrong; hair, make-up, clothing, eyes, mouth, posture, hands, jewelry placement, plus all the usual issues of background and lighting. The list goes on...


 21st Century Jewelry book includes jewelry by Lori Talcott
Mardoll II by Lori Talcott; Photo by Doug Yaple

Stay tuned for a future post on ASK Harriete about using the model
with tips for getting a better photograph. In the meantime, I can hardly wait to share Photography in Flux - Editors Perspective (next Tuesday). While editing the entire audio I heard it many times.  

21st Century Jewelry book includes jewelry by HarrieteEstelBerman
Bead Embellishment Bracelets by Harriete Estel Berman
Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

In the interest of full disclosure: I was invited to be one of 85 guest jurors to select work for 21st Century Jewelry. Some of my descriptions and quotes were used in the book along with an image for three of my bracelets.


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