Behind the Camera: Secrets Revealed in a PhotoShoot with a Model
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Behind the Camera: Inexpensive Secrets for A Great Model Shoot!

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Are there any inexpensive ways to obtain a great model shot?

  • Four people at least.
  • Mirrors, and/or aluminum foil on cardboard.
  • Hair Spray and hair gel (little fuzzy hairs look really bad.)


Makeup is a complex issue.
The model's makeup needs to match the model's style and the style of your jewelry or clothing. 

My model was very tan with fabulous skin. All we used was a little lip gloss for lips and some mascara. This is what America's Top Model often does for their "beauty shots."

Makeup generally has to be heavier or more dramatic for a photoshoot than would be worn every day.

BACKGROUND is important and a challenge.  We used a white sheet as the background. 
But no wrinkles can show. Although I ironed and stretched the sheet, it still had wrinkles. Next time I am going to try a sheet of white laminate. It costs a lot less than a sheet. No wrinkles.

Paper may be difficult as a background outside.  I knew the photoshoot had to be outside and it is often windy at my house. If you want to use paper as a background, you can buy large rolls of paper in many colors at a photo supply store.


Lots of natural bright light (no direct sunlight) is the final secret for a low-cost photo shoot. Direct sunlight is too harsh and creates strong shadows. Professional photoshoots are often done at sun up or sun down for great horizontal golden light. If you can take your photos on an overcast or foggy day, that is another option, but it is difficult to coordinate four or five people and the weather. This is why we used bounce cards. See the previous posts for an explanation.


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This post was updated on February 9, 2022.