CaFE, Behind the Curtain: Tips for Improving Your CaFE Juried Application Starting With Photos
Behind the CaFE Curtain: Submit Images Early to Improve Your CaFE Application

Behind the CaFE Curtain: Tips to Improve Your Statement Information

Cafe cafe curtain For jurors, the text on CaFE ( is miserably difficult to read. It is white text on black background, one of the worst possible combinations to read on the Internet.

To illustrate the experience (as best as I can remember), the rest of this post will be white text on black.

A few suggestions to improve your CaFE Artist Statement are included, but the principles suggested here could be used anytime. 


There is one more very important issue regarding statements for a blind juried situation such as CaFE.


DO NOT include your name in the statement or as a closing signature. The jury is supposed to be evaluating the work without the identity of the maker/artist. Including your name in an artist statement for a juried situation that is supposed to be "blind" or anonymous is absolutely inappropriate.  Although I have rarely heard of anyone being formally disqualified for breaking this rule, I can assure you that it doesn't help to be openly identified as rude or uninformed.

Justice I hope these suggestions enhance your application on CaFE. Applying these formatting suggestions to any artist statement could also be an improvement. While images of the work submitted are the most important factor, an informative artist statement may influence the juror's decision.

Stay tuned for a few more suggestions for improving your application on CaFE. A few readers have also asked a couple of questions and issues with jury submissions to be discussed in upcoming posts.


This post was updated on February 11, 2022.