Finding Exhibition Opportunities - Photos and Packing
Is it ethical for a gallery to put consignment items in storage?

Finding Exhibition Opportunities - Instructions for Unpacking, Assembly, Display, and Re-Packing

Proper packing for an exhibition is more than just protecting the work until delivery.  Anticipating what the exhibition staff needs to properly unpack, assemble, display, and ultimately repack can earn you a reputation, good or bad, for subsequent exhibitions. 

Boxes When your work arrives at an exhibition packed professionally, it earns the respect of the exhibition staff.  You gain a reputation as a prepared and professional artist who knows what to do.

Good packing accompanied with instructions and reusable packing materials for repacking helps assure that your work will be returned in the same condition.

Pencil boxes HOLDS sculpture from pencils Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin In the previous post on ASK Harriete, these five boxes (right photo) were shown. They hold the sculpture titled, Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin. I didn't like the printing on the boxes. It is distracting and looks kind of cheap, in a very bad, NOT good WAY!

BoxesTAPEcovers images
RECOMMENDATION: If there is printing on the box, cover it with tape.

Use Gummed Kraft Tape.
Kraft_tapeThis is the tape that you make wet with a sponge. I have gummed kraft tape in brown and white. I use the brown color for brown cardboard boxes and white for white boxes.

Remember to weigh your boxes so you can estimate your shipping costs as accurately as possible for the exhibition sponsor. Are you ready with your shipping information?

Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin ships in five boxes; each box is 40" ht. x 12" x 12". Weight for each box: 26lbs., 26lbs., 30 lbs., 25 lbs., 23 lbs. 

Prepare Instructions for Unpacking, Assembly, Display, and RePacking. I glue this to the outside of the box, and/or inside the flap and always put a loose copy in the box. Below is an example for Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin

Unpacking, Assembly, Display and Packing instructions for artworkShipping

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