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Hula Hooping, Jumping Through Hoops and Improving Your Business Practices

HarrietePOLARpanorama beach WEB
Harriete at the New Jersey Shore. Polar panoramic by Aryn Shelander.

The last days of summer are over. 
Our family vacation to the beach was cut even shorter by Hurricane Irene.

The fall season is the time to renew our dedication to our work. The business of art and craft can seem like jumping through hoops. So much to learn, so much to do.  It is just like learning how to hula hoop. It takes practice and a little encouragement to keep that hoop going. 


HarrieteHulaHooping with Aryn
I've learned lots of tricks. So can you, if you practice.


The SNAG Professional Development Seminar offers numerous lectures and handouts created especially for Artists and Makers who want to learn how to jump through the hoops of art and craft business practice. Learn from seasoned professionals and go with proven ideas.



TIME TO OPEN YOUR laptop or tablet to CHECK OUT these resources:  

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Submitting Work to Galleries & Retail Establishments Part 1  HANDOUT (2009)

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Submitting Work to Galleries & Retail Establishments Part 3 HANDOUT (2009)

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I'm doing a hula hoop trick called "Wild West."

Learn lots of tricks for improving your art/craft business practices. Read the archive of ASK Harriete columns in the left column. ASK Harriete your questions.


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NEXT Tuesday's post on ASK Harriete: Step-by-step examples for how I find exhibition opportunities for Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin.

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