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CONTINUITY and CONSISTENCY, Photos Should Demonstrate Clear Focus

In response to a recent series of posts about juried situations, Jenny Fillius left a very important comment worth repeating.

Jenny Fillius WELL done
Well Done © 2010
Recycled tin
Artist: Jenny Fillius
10.25" x 11.75"

She said, "I've been a juror. If the piece was well crafted, appealing, and unusual, it was a slam dunk. The important part for me was seeing 3 works by the same artist with continuity.

Did the pieces relate well to each other?  Was there a particular style to the work of the artist? A few times artists sent photographs of 3 very different pieces in an attempt to showcase their abilities -- and it fell flat. They appeared to be all over the map and it was confusing. Be consistent in what you are presenting as your work, and as Harriete states, make sure your photographs are stellar."


Jenny Fillius Kick in the Rear
   Shakespeare, Kick in the Pants© 2011
   Recycled tin
   Artist: Jenny Fillius
   15" x 10"

Great point from Jenny Fillius. It is very important for a jury submission to look like a cohesive body of work.

Jurors want to feel confident when selecting an artist.  Yet they can only see the photos submitted.  So the submitted images must show a signature style and a focus for the work. Attempts to "showcase your abilities" with widely varying work or media are more likely to "confuse" the juror rather than impress them. 


Jenny Fillius No Life Guard.
No Life Guard on Duty  © 2011
Recycled tin
Artist: Jenny Fillius
18.25" x 9.25"

Your images should read like a sentence conveying a clear sense of focus. Although the work or views are different in each image, there should be a clear and unmistakable thread running through them. A juried submission is not the time to demonstrate your virtuosity with a variety of techniques or media.

Experienced jurors generally feel that submitted images should reinforce a particular identity, style, and strength, not a “hodgepodge,” lacking a unifying voice. The jurors want to see maturity and consistency in a solidly organized presentation. This is true for juried exhibitions and craft show applications.

This principle extends to every opportunity from a juried application, to display at a craft show booth or exhibition for creating a positive impression. 



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This post was updated on February 11, 2022.