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Tis' the Season for Fundraising Auction Requests

It has happened already - requests for fundraising auctions. The "season of giving" is around the corner so requests are out for donations from artists.

Susan Brooks Profile Brooch
Vintage Profile © Susan Brooks
Sterling silver brooch
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Yesterday, Susan Brooks introduced me to an article in the Huffington Post "The Career Benefits of Boycotting Charity Art Auctions" by Mat Gleason. The article is worth reading.

I have personally written about Fundraising Auctions for the Professional Guidelines with the guidance of a knowledgeable Committee from the arts community. (Their names are listed below.) We put in 100's of hours to carefully consider the impact of fundraising auctions on the arts community.

There are four documents in the




Fundraising Auctions: Issues and Checklist for Artists

Fundraising Auctions: Issues and Recommendations for Collectors

Fundraising Auctions: Issues and Impact on Galleries

Fundraising Auctions: Issues and Alternatives for Art Organizations

These documents were written in 2004. My personal opinion about fundraising auctions is even stronger than these carefully written documents. Today, I will skip my rant but would love to hear your opinion.

Please take time to read these Professional Guidelines documents and the article by Mat Gleason before you give your artwork to another fundraising auction. There are other options.


The following individuals offered their professional experience and guidance with the Professional Guidelines Fundraising documents.
Andy Cooperman, Contributing Editor; Boris Bally, artist; Suzanne Baizerman, curator; Tami Dean, production artist;  Marilyn da Silva, artist; Lloyd Herman, curator; Cherry LeBrun, owner of DeNovo Gallery; Dale and Patrick Maveety, collectors; Nancy Moyer. artist; Marc David Paisin, attorney;  Biba Schutz, production artist; Dana Singer, Executive Director of SNAG; and Lynda Watson, metalsmith.

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