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How To Define Success?

Symposiumflyer_1000WEB The upcoming symposium sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Metal Arts Guild has me thinking...

A portion of the programming is titled, "What does Success Look Like in the Jewelry World?" The panel discussion will be lead by Sarah Turner, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Panelists include Lola Brooks (artist, faculty at Rhode Island School of Design), Brigitte Martin (Founder, Chief Editor of Crafthaus), and Sienna Patti (owner of Sienna Gallery).

The conversation continues right after lunch (1:30 p.m California time) with Professional Practices: Conversation, Questions, and Commentary. I am upfront and center stage to  answer questions from the audience. Hopefully, the previous speakers can be included in the "conversation."

TaraBranniganWe will have live Twitter feed by Tara Brannigan, and you can follow along, and even ask a question. No matter where you are.



The big question remains...How do you define success?

GryoscopeIs the definition of success external or internal? By external, I mean by measures such as the number of books or galleries that represent your work. External might be how much work you sell. Internal is how you feel inside. Do you meet your personal goals?

What do you mean by “Success”?

Is reputation a marker of success?

Is making money a definition of success? Do you have to make money to be successful?

If you sell work at high prices, is that a definition of success?

Is it possible to be a successful artist and never make any money?

Is money the sole definition of success in our society? 

What is the relationship between critical attention and financial success?

Measuring_cupsuccessThese are some really good questions.  If you're like me, perhaps you wrestle with these questions all the time.  All of the advice offered through the Professional Guidelines, ASK Harriete, or the Professional Development Seminar is based on experience and a measure of success.  But each measure of success is only one ingredient. Every recipe for success is going to be different.

I lay awake at night torturing myself. By daylight it  is much easier not to think such stuff and go make something in the studio.

This Saturday, the topics are live and shared for all to consider. I'd love to hear what you have to say. What is your question that if answered would bring you success?

How do you measure success?

Harriete Estel Berman working in the studio on new Judaica Seder plate for Tu Bishvat. You can see the entire process of fabrication in a special album on Flickr.

What do you mean by “Success”? by Andy Cooperman