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'ETsypaperbackbookstanding (1)Megan Visser has written her own book for impr ReVAMPing Your Etsy Shop E-Book 73oving your Etsy shop. The information is available at no charge.

She had a number of "Etsy experts" offer their words of advice. I contributed a couple of pages of information about the topic of "overhead." 

You can't go wrong for the time it takes to download this free e-book. 

Download ReVAMPing Your Etsy Shop E-Book

Next week, I am planning to put her words of advice into action in my Etsy shop.

With two children and one on the way, I don't see how Megan Visser does it all.  Check out her Etsy shop.  Meagan Visser also has several videos on YouTube all focused on "newbie" advice for Etsy or social networking.