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Panic over Google+ Learn and Sync with Facebook and Twitter.

Have you noticed that Google+ is coming up at the top of the GOOGLE search results?

Really? Yes, really.  I just began to realize it last week. The Google+ at the top of search results for my name is completely disproportionate to the infrequent activity on my Google+ account (which I hardly ever use). 

Well now I have a explanation from Ariane in the comments on this post (below). The
skewed search result only happens when you search for yourself when you're logged into Google. This is very good to know! Now I wonder what happens when people do a search and they are logged into Google+?

Either way, this has forced me to take action. My Google+ profile has to be better if people might click there before my web site....YIKES!!!!!!!!

So this is what I recommend to get a handle on this new social networking platform.

LYNDA picture120x60-lynda2Use the 7 day free trial on to learn all the features of your Google + profile including how to sync Google+ to Facebook and Twitter. has a 30 minute Google+ tutorial that was amazingly helpful for understanding the features of Google+. also has training about:

  • Flickr,
  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook Essential Training
  • Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 10
  • Creating an HTML Email Newsletter
  • WordPress 3 Essential Training
  • Effective Email Marketing Strategies

So if you feel a bit like a dinosaur and wonder how you will ever catch up to the social media platforms, has quick and easy tutorial video clips.  Keep in mind that each one of these social media platforms links to your web site which is important to attract "link juice" to your web site and improve SEO. Evaluation of your web site even includes how many times your web site is "mentioned" and Like-ed on social media platforms.(More on this aspect soon.)


Let me know if you want me to explain more about how to link your Google+ to Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise, find me on Facebook.

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