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"Why Debt Will Kill Your Artistry" by guest author JoAnneh Nagler

Panic over Google+ Learn and Sync with Facebook and Twitter.

Did you ever notice that Google+ was coming up at the top of the GOOGLE search results?  Now  ironically, that is  in the past. 

Google +  gave up manipulating it's value and doesn't even exist anymore. Wow! 

Really? Yes, really.  The Google+ that was so important and manipulated to be at the top of search results is completely gone. Google finally stopped trying to artificially inflate its importance. What else will disappear?

Google + manipulation does have an explanation from Ariane in the comments on this post (below). The reality of the past is that Google 
skewed search results  when you searched for yourself when you're logged into Google. This is very good to know!  What else is manipulated that we don't know?

Either way, this forced me to take action years ago, but it is harder than ever to decide where to put your social media weight in the present. 

So this is what I recommend getting  a handle on a few social networking platforms and see what happens.

Sour grapes only leave a bad taste.



Guess what! There are several ways that we can talk about art business development for artists and makers.

Time and the internet are always in flux. (Pun intended for you metalsmithing folks.)

Now I hide my Twitter presence until the management gets their act aligned with decency.   I haven't left Twitter, but think about it.

While I admit to never feeling totally caught up, this is no time to give up. 

Have you got a question or answer? I'd like to hear it.


Updated February 27, 2023.