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TYPEPAD BLOG Performs SEO Seasonal Miracles

NOTE: No need to read this post unless you are familiar with HTML and XHTML.

Every year I spend the quiet week between Christmas and New Year in a marathon of website corrections and updates.
December 2011

The problem is that I work on my website myself.  Mostly self-taught, I am only marginally functional in HTML and Dreamweaver. I never really have time to study properly.

Harriete Berman websitehome Do you have a similar problem?

Yet, every website needs to be maintained or updated from time to time.  My website was designed in 2003. It continues to function, even though newer versions and new capabilities have come along.   Some of the old HTML has since been revised (e.g. obsolete HTML code).

Search engines, however, are constantly updated with the latest in code and actually profile websites regarding the use of updated or correct code.   Correct code improves the SEO.

If your website is filled with incorrect code, search engines rank your website as "amateur," dumb, stupid, or incompetent.  Ultimately, your website doesn't get ranked very highly. I know this is true, and it makes a lot of sense -- which is why I work to update my website every year.

My biggest problem is that I don't always know how to fix all the code errors that Dreamweaver shows and I have no budget for professional assistance.

Many of the code errors are small changes such as a slash or a few letters, but I have to know what is the updated version. Most of the information about code on the Internet is too complex for my amateur brain.

CHANUKAH menorah fifth DAYToday I discovered a solution, an SEO seasonal miracle.  This method appears to correct small errors....use the HTML "edit" feature.   This may work for you also.

EUREKA  -- a fix for incorrect code !!!!!!!!!!!
This is an amazing discovery.  Whenever Dreamweaver says a portion of code is incorrect, copy that section and paste it into the TYPEPAD HTML editor.
Click into the Rich Text page;
Click back into the HTML window;
the updated formatting is there.
This updates my code problems to the current standard.

This idea of using the power of the TYPEPAD HTML editing feature to find and fix old code to the updated version of HTML code is so exciting.

website home links bottom
Here is an example of bad HTML:

There were links at the bottom of each page with a <br> in the code. I knew it was a problem but didn't know how to fix it. The <br> is old code for a "line break".

I copy and paste the incorrect code into the HTML editor of my blog.
Click into the RICH TEXT window.
Click back into the HTML edit window, and there it is fixed.
The answer is this. <br />

I copied the correct code back into my Dreamweaver HTML.
It works! And now I know the correct updated version for outdated code.

I have tested this with several sections of HTML code that I knew were wrong. Over and over, it works. Please keep in mind that you still must paste the correct version back into the Dreamweaver HTML code.  And it is a comfort to know the correct version (even so much as a dot or slash in the wrong place and it won't work).

Here is ANOTHER  example of bad HTML:

The code for BOLD font used to be <b>bold font</b>.
The currently correct code for BOLD is <strong>bold font</strong>.

I did my test.  I pasted a sentence with the old code into the TYPEPAD HTML window.<b>This should be bold font.</b>
Clicked into the Rich Text window.
Clicked back into HTML window.

The old code is fixed into the more current version.
<strong>This should be bold font.</strong>

Thank you TYPEPAD HTML editor. I never loved you so much as now!

What is your miracle discovery of the season?