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TYPEPAD BLOG Performs SEO Seasonal Miracles

Every year in the past, I spent a quiet week between Christmas and New Year in a marathon of website corrections and updates.
December 2011

The problem is that I work on my website myself.   I never really have time to study properly.

Harriete Berman websitehome Do you have a similar problem?

Yet, every website needs to be maintained or updated from time to time.  My first website was designed in 2003. It continued to function, even though newer versions and new capabilities had come along.  

Years ago, I have to create a whole new website compliant with current standards. Using a website platform seemed a little too cookie-cutter for my taste, but this is the current reality of web design.

Search engines, however, are constantly updated with the latest in code and compliance. Correct code improves the SEO.

If your website is filled with incorrect code, search engines rank your website as "amateur," dumb, stupid, or incompetent.  Keep updating your website the best you can, all the time.  Add new content, improve your images, and share your experiences as an artist.


updated this post on February 27, 2023