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Recommended Resources for SEO and Website Information

To keep current, I follow several newsletters and blogs to learn more about SEO and Internet issues.

Spice_frontBHow else can I learn the secrets to traveling on the Internet at light speed in my studio? These resources (listed below) are a great way to build your Internet marketing and business savvy. No one has to read them all, just pick and choose depending on your time and energy, or save the link for a later date.

Go ahead, sign up for their newsletters, none of them cost a penny. 

UPDATE as of 2017: SEO has changed dramatically in the last 6 years. The best SEO practices of 2017 are based on quality, authentic content, and a website that works for your customers/readers. I have no idea how to be up to date in 2023.

Many of the websites and newsletters I recommended in 2011 are outdated or obsolete so I have updated this post.

Your primary guide should be Google Webmasters . Registers and look around. This doesn't cost you anything except some time.

10 Tips for Artists and Makers for Attracting Web Traffic to Your Site includes links to simple and effective ideas you can implement for your site that work. By work, I mean generating traffic for your site. No need to be an SEO guru to create an effective website for your art or craft.


Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land has a variety of authors, I recommend Jill Whalen. There is also has a super post called: The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! A quick tutorial worth reading. 

Outspoken Media 

SEObook (This is advanced information so skip it if you are new to SEO and web.)

I think that I should study my own website platform for hints. It provides tutorials that may be helpful   The standardization of the web with website platforms can be used to our advantage. 

Harriete Estel Berman teaching at a workshopWORKSHOPE-mail me your questions about SEO. 

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