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Your Website HOME Page is Like The Front Door of Your House


Your website starts with your HOME page. It's like walking through the front door of your house.  This is where you want your guests to enter your home, neat and tidy with a positive impression.


First impressions are important.  The HOME page ideally establishes a signature identity or impression that should align with the style of your art or craft.


Does your website do this?

PatternsToo many websites (and blogs) look like a flea market with clutter and advertising. It really bothers me. When the HOME page of your website is the first thing people see, I think this clutter is costing far more than the potential revenue from affiliate advertising.

Looking beyond or behind the appearance of a website, on a practical level, the HOME page of your website is given the most weight by search engines because it has the most links. So even search engines enter your website through the front door of your website, the HOME page. I wonder if filling your HOME page with clutter is the most effective message to send for SEO (search engine optimization).

Tomorrow...HOME page navigation...a map for your website.


This post was updated on February 17, 2022.