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Links to information mentioned on Jay Whaley Blog Talk Radio with Harriete Estel Berman

I'm live with Jay Whaley Blog Talk Radio on Thursday, January 5, 2012. The first interview of the New Year starts at 3:00pm. California time (the center of the universe or the edge of a rift, depends on how you look at it.)

Below are links to information that were mentioned on the radio show. A one stop resource for our conversation.

If we mentioned anything that isn't listed here, let me know.

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PencilPoint3763closeup72“Pencils Make a Point” in American Craft  Magazine is a two page centerfold featuring the very personal and political side of craft. Harriete Estel Berman worked for four years collecting pencils from all over the United States and internationally as a  commentary about the impact of standardized testing on education. The bell curve curtain is 15’ ht and 28’ wide.
Read this informative article from the December/January 2012 issue of American Craft on line:

Amercan Craft Article Pencils Make a Point about pencil sculpture.

Do you wonder "How This Article in American Craft Came to Be" featured in American Craft magazine?   Lots more is happening including the beginning of a new video about this work, tune in to find out more.


Alyssa Endo working on the pencil sculpture on the floor.kng8.24.2010_72Are you interested in learning about the assembly of this bell curve of pencils? There is an extended page on my web site with images of the fabrication from the last four years showing.



TuBishvatOlivegreenonly72.800.7481Are you interested in the design and fabrication of Harriete Estel Berman’s work in tin cans. She recently finished new work for a show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum that opens in February.  Along the way, she created a Flickr album so you can view, step by step how Harriete designed this Seder Plate from concept through every step in the fabrication.
View the finished work on her web site at:


AlysonStanfieldHarrieteHarriete Estel Berman is teaching
Prepare for Success
April 28-29, 2012

This class is part of the Revere Academy Master’s Symposium series. If your interested there will also be a Skype level participation  for the first time ever at Revere.



Symposiumflyer_1000WEB Forging Communities





The essence of success by Sienna Patti

The Difference Between a Goal and a Wish by Brigitte Martin.




Did you know that the SNAG 2011 
Professional Development Seminar
is available on line?
Recorded during the Houston SNAG Conference you can watch and listen to all six segments on the SNAG Professional Development Seminar page.

This informative programming is available online at no charge courtesy of the NEA, MJSA and SNAG.

Issues include:

  • How to develop new markets for your work.
  • Ideas for marketing your work and visibility for your blog.
  • The importance of photography in marketing.
  • Are new standards emerging for photographic images?
  • Are the images representing your work well crafted and compelling?
  • What makes a good cover photo?
  • What camera features should I look for before I buy?
  • What are the ethics of Photoshopping images of my work?
  • Who owns the rights to the photograph?
  • What kind of "master image" should my photographer provide?

Additional discussion of all topics continues on ASK Harriete:

Here are the links to individual topics:.
Niche Marketing link

Digital Images File Extensions

Photography in Flux – Three photographers

Digital Photography Handouts

Photography in Flux – Editor’s Perspective

How to Build a Better Drop Shadow

Questions and Answers about Niche Marketing and Photography in Flux


Professional Development Seminar 2010

Not Just Another Pricing Lecture