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The best website or blog evaluation!

After looking for ways to evaluate my website, I've discovered a wonderful tool - SiteBeam. They have a free test. I recommend you give it a try. Sitebeam evaluation for the web site of Harriete Estel Bermane

All you have to do is sign up, submit your URL
, and wait a few minutes. The free test allows up to five URL submissions.

I tried the test for my website and blog, ASK Harriete, . . .  and then learned the harsh reality - my website needs work.

Sitebeam results  for Harriete Estel Berman

What distinguished this website testing service is that it does not present a simplistic single numerical value indicating the overall effectiveness of your site.  Instead, SiteBeam measures many factors with a score.

SiteBeam offers a whole list of web site or blog evaluation criteriaThe free test offers information on multiple categories:

  • broken links
  • content keywords
  • headings
  • printability
  • twitter
  • W3C compliance
  • social interest
  • stylesheets
  • broken files
  • incoming links
  • spelling
  • poplularity
  • url format
  • link states
  • freshness
  • search engine results
  • facebook
  • readability
  • analytics
  • alternative text
  • speed
  • visual interest
  • image usage
  • links
  • search ranking

The free test examined my main directory pages, not the complete website (I have a lot of pages), but it offered enough information that I have weeks of work to do to improve my website. I also ran my blog ASK Harriete through the free test. 

SiteBeam ASK Harriete summaryresults

While I am a rank amateur in web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this test raised my awareness of many SEO evaluation standards. I didn't know that links from social networks, spelling, titles, headers, or image ALT text (descriptions of your images) had such an important impact in evaluating my site. (Since this was a free test, many results were withheld.)  Still, I have lots of information to work with in the next weeks.


UPDATE 2013: This post was created in January 2012. Since then I have learned about free tools provided with Google Webmaster Tools in my 2012-2013 series on improving SEO. Find all ASK Harriete posts on Search Engine Optimization for artists and craftspeople with this link.

SiteBeam RESULTS  for web site for Harriete Estel Berman

This post was updated on February 18, 2022.