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Lunch Discussion with Garth Clark - Keynote Speaker at SNAG Conference 2012

The annual SNAG Conference  in past years offered many astounding opportunities unavailable for most of us anywhere else!

GarthClarkAs part of the SNAG Conference, there was "A Smaller Conference Experience", an informal lunch discussion with keynote speaker Garth Clark. 

The theme, THE HEAT IS RISING, plays right into many hot topics and thought-provoking debates! And Garth Clark is known for provocative positions.

This lunch discussion is part of "A Smaller Conference Experience," a two-part program to facilitate more intimate and meaningful discussion at the SNAG Conferences. This is an opportunity to get to know the Keynote Speaker, Garth Clark, and engage in an in-depth conversation. 

Garth Clark


AJF_logoA Smaller Conference Experience lunch discussion is sponsored by the Art Jewelry Forum.

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