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Pinterest The Huge Concern

Years ago interest in Pinterest was explosive. This changes with time and social media platforms but one issues of concern remains.  I heard that Pinterest was the first social network to reach 10 million visitors a month. There is a lot of analysis of this dynamic new site, For artists and makers, there is a huge opportunity to share your work. Lots of possibilities, but I'll skip to the big issue for artists and makers.

The huge concern with Pinterest and other sites is the appropriate attribution for the images. The concern is that images of art or craft may travel around, pinned, and repinned, or shared without proper attribution to the artist/maker. Addressing this concern there are rumors, suggestions, and proposals that artists and makers might decide to watermark their images.

I do not like Watermarks in photos. 
As a result, I am not going to watermark my photos and ruin the image because of others' irresponsible behavior. That is my opinion at the moment...but on the other hand, can't we all join together, work together, post together protecting each other with appropriate attribution?

PinterestHeidiCodyalphabetHere is where everyone, yes, EVERYONE needs to take responsibility for posting images with complete descriptions.

Please, please, please, can we all make Pinterest, Instagram (or any other site)   the best it can be. Honor the creativity behind the images with complete information.

  • Add the artist's name to the description (including your own name).
  • Add a link to the original (artist's) website, if possible. 
  • Add links for your source.
  • Add photo credit, if possible.  
  • Add an accurate (even if short) description.


Tomorrow's post... more Pinterest introspection.

This post was updated on  February 27, 2023.