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Art Documentaries Beyond Average, Be Inspired

I'm documenting a major new work using video . . . and hope to complete the making of a short video documentary during the coming year.  More on this later.

I am also taking a class on making Documentary Videos.  My mid-term exam is tomorrow. 

With full submersion into documentary video, I have watched quite a variety recently, and have gained new insight into the difficulty and demands of this medium.

Here are two suggestions for inspiring and insightful videos about the arts.

This film may still be at your local art-house film theater as it was nominated for an Academy Award. See it on the big screen in 3D. Go to be inspired by one person's vision of artistic expression captured in an extraordinary dance documentary directed by Wim Wenders. If you love modern dance, you'll like it even more. Be prepared for seeing something you have never seen before far beyond average or predictable.     

HERBdOROTHYHerb and Dorothy
This unassuming film proves you don't have to have big bucks to support the arts. A postal clerk and a librarian, devoted to the arts and to one another, acquire art from emerging artists before they become famous.  Piece by piece, year after year, they assemble a world-class contemporary art collection that overflows their small rent-controlled apartment.  Eventually, the collection outgrows their modest home, and they share their collection across America. They gave their collection away even though it was worth millions because the value of their art collection was not about money. They did not want to sell their soul.

Much to my surprise, the film was funded through KICKSTARTER. Kickstarter-logo-light

Both of these films show that art can be about inspiration, insight, sincerity, and soul.


This post was updated on March 11, 2022, to provide current links.