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FACEBOOK Personal Profile goes Professional on KICKSTARTER

My experience using KICKSTARTER to finance a future video continues to be a revelation on many levels. The learning curve is demanding.

At the time that I wrote this post, one KICKSTARTER requirement is that you MUST link to your Facebook personal profile, not your business page. Yes, indeed, your Facebook Personal Profile is now professional as well. 


This is what KICKSTARTER says:

"If you're a creator, it's a great way to let backers know a little bit more about you. It doesn't mean you have to accept random friend requests or make your entire profile public, but it's an easy way to show backers you're a real person. You can also adjust the privacy settings of your Facebook account to better control what new visitors see."

FACEBOOKprofileYour Facebook personal profile needs to be managed
as if you were cautioning your teenage son or daughter about what to post online. Everything seems to be moving to a level of transparency in the Internet community. Control of your privacy starts with what you post. And Facebook is never particularly private despite "privacy settings."

Recently, I heard that employers are asking for Facebook profile passwords. In other words, they want to "see all" about their prospective employees. While of course, you could say "no," if you wanted a job in this tough economy, wouldn't you say "yes?"

FacebookMy decision long ago was to keep my Facebook personal profile as a professional page. Everything posted on my Facebook is what I want everyone to see because privacy on the Internet is non-existent. 

Facebook is a great tool, please be my friend on Facebook. I look forward to meeting new people in this forum.


This post was updated on March 12, 2022.