FACEBOOK Personal Profile goes Professional on KICKSTARTER
Skill Set Needed to Run, Run, Run a Kickstarter Project?

Flickr is a Tool for Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is just like all the other social networking sites.
...each one has formatting tricks to learn. The HELP menu on Kickstarter is kind of confusing and not comprehensive.  It took me days to figure out how to add images to my "story". The secret was.....FLICKR.

In the "story" option for your Kickstarter project, there is a place to insert an image, but it asks for a URL. The images are not uploaded to Kickstarter, the images must be hosted on another site. Flickr or Photobucket were listed as options. Update March 2022: Kickstarter now allows you to upload images directly to their site. You can learn more about this feature HERE.

The next problem is how to find the URL of a Flickr image. The URL must have an image file extension like JPG or PNG. Knowing how to find the URL for an image can be a handy skill. It works for Pinterest too.

BELOW are instructions to find the URL of an image.  

1. Pick an image on Flickr that you want to copy and paste into your story.


2.  CLICK on the Flickr image.


3. RIGHT-CLICK on the image pick the size of the image...  I suggest Medium or Large.


4. RIGHT CLICK again to see a menu.


5. Select the option View Image Info


6. A pop-up will offer the image URL with the JPG or PNG extension.


Highlighted above in green is the image URL.  http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6167/6164885784_cd79ab9b75_b.jpg

TIP: The instructions on Kickstarter say "Copy Image Location" but no such phrase or terms were used on Flickr, so it was really confusing.

Doing a Kickstarter project the first time is a real challenge.  There is so much to learn to create a successful project but it seems there are people that do repeat Kickstarter projects (one person I found had founded 72 projects)! 

This post was updated on March 12, 2022.