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The Amazing Search for an Editor

Camera7745In the process of producing a video, I have to hire a lot of help.  A $5,000 grant from the Applied Materials Foundation through the Arts Council of Silicon Valley AMAT_Foundation_Logo_v3s certainly helped to pay for superb talent to videotape and produce a video of the Pencil Symposium. To satisfy the grant requirements, this segment must be completed by April 30. Yikes.

Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin close up image So this morning I placed a job offering online with BAVC.   I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to find an editor who is willing to work within the budget and continue working with me later on a more in-depth video.

AlarmclockgreenWOW!  Within a couple of hours, the response was overwhelming as a dozen people responded -- with some truly amazing candidates. The upside: lots of options for selecting an editor. The downside is more than seven hours spent on interviews and watching online videos.

Professional editors want to work on this project. Each of these editors had a commercial or corporate rate, but they are interested in working with artists on a creative project.
Even experienced editors
will charge less to share in the video objectives supporting the messages in  Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin.  This is something to consider if you ever want to produce a video.

NebulaI am going to share an amazing video "Creating the Nebula". The video is on the Wired website. CLICK on the previous link and watch it. You won't believe this kinetic sculpture in the Hilton Anatole hotel lobby in Dallas, Texas.  Edited by Michael Lennon.  He edited this video (with two other editors) from 1,000 hours of footage. The video reveals the design and fabrication process. He is one of four top candidates.


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