An Opinion about Pinterest - "What’s Yours Is Mine"?
Are you steering without a compass? Failure is an inevitable cul-de-sac on the road to success.

The Scarlet Letter P for Pinterest


The scarlet letter of the 21st century is the "P" for Pinterest.

Pinterest and everyone who uses Pinterest should read the posts below and consider the consequences of their actions. Yes, Pinterest, I changed your copyrighted image.

Post this image on your Pinterest Boards.
Demonstrate that you honor other artist's and makers by:
1. Asking permission before posting copyrighted work.
2. Include a complete description of their work including the artist's name, and photo credit, (if appropriate.)
3. Pin and link from a reliable source such as the artist's web site or blog rather than Google search results.
4. Become part of the solution to the problems of Pinterest.